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About LynnHaven

Founded in 2016 and named after one of the world’s most famous oysters, the pearl is at the heart of Lynnhaven’s design aesthetic.

Drawing from backgrounds in fashion and artisinal jewellery, we are a fine jewellery brand striving to capture the essence of nature while also redefining luxury.

With dual roots in Stockholm and Hong Kong, expect glimpses of Scandinavian serenity punctuated with Hong Kong modernity, as we experiment with the concept of the contradictions that occur when two cultures meet. Intended for the woman who is drawn to simple shapes, the pieces are timeless and anchored in a love of purity.


Discover our take on contemporary classics with our Peak, Spiral & Timeless collections.



Our limited edition collection inspired by the curve of the tide that drives waves to the shore.


Forged by nature and nurtured by the sea, a single pearl encapsulates our story. From a grain of sand inside an oyster it grows into a beautiful gem. Similarly a girl matures, nurtured by love, shaped by experience and flourishes into a woman.


Rethinking the signature pearl with spiked peaks

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Behind the Scenes

Join us behind the scenes of our latest collection shoot in Stockholm